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Our new website launched yesterday, and we are so excited for our members to start interacting with it.  

Limo and luxury transportation operators are a proud, hard-working bunch that have become business savvy over the years. As experienced business owners, you understand the importance of making a good impression. Well, for LimoLive24, it was definitely time for a change and a fresh look.  

Not only did our website get a bit of a facelift, but it was custom designed to be easy to use, mobile-friendly and fast. The navigation was laid out to ensure that anyone looking for our services could find exactly what they need. Plus, we updated the content to ensure that owners and operators have the right information on hand to quickly make key business decisions. 

For LimoLive24, our website is an important part of the business because it allows those working in the luxury transportation industry to find the assistance that they need. With a simple web search, small and large fleet operations can get connected with our team. And, in a matter of hours, we can have our agents set up with their livery software, providing 24/7 call answering support, dispatching, sending driver reminders, and making wake up calls…the works! Whatever their business requires at any given time, LimoLive agents are ready to step in and help. 

Our company is proud to serve such a great group of a strong, dedicated people. We have a fond respect for all limo company operators and are committed to this industry. And now, we hope to be able to serve you all even better with the help of our great, new website. 

Thanks to the marketing and web development team at SearchActions for getting the site done on time and ensuring that everything looks and functions just the way we had imagined.  

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