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“Limo Live 24 allows us to sleep at night. We feel they are an extension of our company. We have tried other services and there’s a reason we have stuck with LimoLive24. LimoLive24 helps us to reduce costs as we don’t need someone working 24/7.”


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“One of the things I appreciate with having LimoLive24 is that I actually get to sleep. I also can be driving clients and have them get the reservation booked for the next trip and I know it will be taken care of. When you give LimoLive24 information to guide them, they get the job done. Quotes are easily followed up with the information that LimoLive24 takes initially and sends me.”

Ronald Tabb, Owner of A Star Lomousine

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“As a partnership, we have grown together and my business has really shot up with the help of LimoLive24. I couldn’t do business without them. I gave them the information they needed in order to work together smoothly and I am so happy with their support.“

Cory Althouse, Omalink Shuttle 

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“LimoLive24 changed our lives as a growing business as we realized we needed balance for our overnight service over the past 8 years. They do an amazing job booking new reservations and gaining this revenue costs us less monthly then they charge. Plus, we have the coverage we need. The customer service representatives are always courteous and, when provided with the correct tools, it will make your clients feel like they’re connected to your office. We continue to utilize LimoLive24 even today. When we are busy and the calls ring over to LimoLive24, we never have to worry because we know we will get a message within 15 minutes telling us the call has been handled and, most of the time, booked.”

Action Limousine 

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clayton denard

“LimoLive24 provides the best 24/7 back office, reservation/dispatch service at a great price. They even do driver wake up calls so that I can get sleep thru the night uninterrupted.”

Clayton Denard,
Owner of Going Coastal Transportation 

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