Affiliate Management – Farm Ins / Outs

LimoLive24 livery services integrates with the best software for limousine companies to manage established and new affiliate relations. Scheduling farm ins and farm outs is done with respect to the valuable network of partners that you have worked hard to build. Sharing jobs, and revenue, with affiliate drivers and fleet operators has never been so easy. 

Insourcing – Personable Limousine Management by Real People 

Unlike call centers of the past, which were outsourced to countries with cheaper labor costs. LimoLive24 is a modern insourcing solution. Our live, US-based agents are trained to work in the livery industry and are dedicated exclusively to serving companies like yours. LimoLive24 delivers the same knowledgeable, friendly service expected just like your in-house staff. 

Business Augmentation for Livery Service Owners & Operators 

The idea that only in-house employees can handle back-office luxury transportation operations is outdated. Smart livery service and black car fleet operators know that LimoLive24 can deliver the same high-quality service as their staff in the office, if not better. 

In addition to providing personable customer service and managing farm ins and farm outs with affiliates, our trained call center agents help augment your business in the following ways: 

  • Higher call captivation. 
  • New reservations. 
  • Quotes with upselling. 
  • Inbound call and e-mail management. 

FAQs about Affiliate Benefits with Call Answering Services

What are ‘farm-outs’ in the livery industry?  

A farm-in is an agreement between two limo operators, one of which has a lead—an interested client or ride scheduled—which they cannot cover. The operator who caught the lead can ‘farm-out’ the job to an affiliate operator who will cover it and split the revenue.  

What are ‘farm-ins’ in the livery industry?  

Likewise, ‘farm-ins’ are when a limo operator provides transportation services to a lead initially caught by another operator. Rather than working as competitors, the two or more operators work as affiliates by sharing jobs and revenues from leads passed on to other companies.  

How do affiliate benefits work with outsourced call management?  

Farm-ins and farm-outs are handled the same way with our call management services as they are with your regular fleet operations. LimoLive24 will take the call and book it if it is outside of your short notice policy. If the trip is within your short notice policy, we will place a call to the person on-call to check its availability.  

What about affiliate networks set up through my limo booking software?  

Yes, we support that too. If you gain rides and revenues through an automated network of ground transportation operators, LimoLive24 will help you keep track of those schedules and earnings. We work with some of the biggest names in the livery software industry. Learn more about our integrated services here.  

Increase business, decrease costs, deliver great customer service for you and your livery service affiliates.

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