Limousine Disptach Service

“Work on your business, not in your business.” 

LimoLive24 is dedicated to the livery industry and knows how important each phone call and reservation is to your business. For impeccable fleet management at all hours, our live agents provide scheduling reminders and car service dispatch. These include: 

  • Alerts for last-minute changes, 
  • Short-notice dispatching, and 
  • Driver locates. 

We also send daily or weekly emails reporting bulk reservation updates for simple organization. 

Chauffeur Dispatch System  

Your business can benefit from our reliable, 24/7 scheduling for ride reservations and limousine dispatch services. LimoLive24 agents contact drivers in real-time via text message, mobile app, and email, provide alerts for last-minute changes or short-notice limousine dispatching services. Notifications about livery reservation can also be batched and sent at a specific time of the day that is most convenient for coordinating limo dispatch.  

Driver Wakeup Calls  

Missing an early morning pick-up or being late for an important client isn’t an option in this business. We have carried out tens of thousands of wake-up calls ensuring that limousine and chauffeured transportation drivers across the U.S. and Canada arrive on time. Live agents offer 24-hr logistics support. They make calls and send text reminders to locate drivers and make sure everyone is on time for arrivals and pick-ups at any hour of the day. 

Making Your Business More Visible & Profitable 

Every owner and operator in the limo, chauffeur, concierge, and luxury transportation business has been hit hard recently. Now is the time to focus on cutting costs and running a lean operation. Not only can LimoLive24 help you capture more livery reservations, we help you do it at a fraction of the cost. Staffing costs are reduced to only the time needed to handle livery reservations, limo dispatch, and logistics.

  • Capture more customer calls.  
  • Reduce staffing costs. 
  • Maintain affiliate benefits. 
  • Dazzle customers. 

FAQs about Limo Call Answering & Dispatch

How do limo dispatch services work?  

LimoLive24 operators do more than just handle incoming calls for transportation operators. They also provide a range of back-end support activities to help manage your business in a more streamlined and efficient way. Our dispatchers schedule and deploy drivers and vehicles to the right location according to customer requests and needs on a short notice basis. This includes a phone call to locate the driver and the optional driver wake-up call service for impeccable punctuality.

What other fleet logistics services do you provide?  

Our live livery agents monitor driver and vehicle locations in order to help coordinate services and schedules. They are able to forward work orders, messages, emails, and information to and from drivers and your fleet managers. Plus, when a call comes in, LimoLive24 agents can determine the types and number of fleet vehicles and drivers that will need to be dispatched in order to complete the request.

What are the advantages of outsourcing logistics services?  

The main advantage of outsourcing practically any service is cost savings. With LimoLive24, you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with Federal, State, Local, Unemployment, Workers Comp, recruiting, hiring, and supervising employees for call answering and dispatching. Your crew can focus on the services that generate revenue for your business while we act as your virtual front desk. In addition, our outsourcing logistics is scalable. That means that you have the support needed on days when the phone rings off the hook, employees call off, on vacation, or when you take a vacation, you aren’t paying for underutilized staff on shifts/days that are slow.  

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