What We Do

Never Miss or Mishandle a Call 

LimoLive24 understands the importance of handling all calls at the same professional level as your in-house staff, even if that is you. This means that you never have to worry about your office staff being late or calling out sick and also means you can sleep at night knowing that LimoLive24 is supporting your business 24/7. 

Professional and Quality Call Processing

Your customers want to talk with real people who understand their needs. LimoLive24 is a team of personable agents focused on coordinating luxury transportation. 

  • Live, US-based agents.  
  • Exclusively serving the luxury transportation industry. 
  • Trained to ensure friendly professionalism. 
  • Familiar with your area, operations, and preferences. 

LimoLive24 services include call screening, message forwarding, ride scheduling, and reservation changes, as well as driver locating, wake-up calls, and dispatch. 

What We Do 

Livery Software Accessibility

We process calls within all major livery software platforms synched with our in-house data management application. 

Reservation Booking & Upselling 

LimoLive24 agents are dedicated to the luxury transportation industry, expanding your call captivation and upselling on every call. 

Fleet Logistics 

Keep your fleet operating smoothly with scheduling reminders, driver dispatch, wakeup calls, short-notice ride management and alert notifications. 

Affiliate Management – Farm Ins / Outs

Dispatch agents can easily update accommodations and coordinate with on-call drivers, while maintaining all your regular affiliate benefits. 

Business & Revenue Continuity 

Provide an additional level of business continuity and revenue protection by allowing LimoLive24 to support you during local technical outages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Limo Call Answering

What type of operators do you serve?

LimoLive24 works with owners and operators that have fleets of all sizes. And we work with more than just limo operations, but also luxury transportation, sedans, party buses, and more.

What is your service area?

Our members work all around the U.S. and Canada.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

LimoLive24 will not corner any new or existing member into a long-term contract. Our contracts are month-to-month with a 10-day cancellation policy.

Become a VIP memeber of LimoLive24 and enjoy all the benefits!

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