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Business & Revenue Continuity

What Happens to Your Livery Business When Technology Fails?

Technology works great 99% of the time, but when technology fails us, panic and frustration can set in. The average business experiences approximately 14 hours of technology downtime annually and these types of disasters always come without warning. Preparing and having a disaster recovery plan in place can minimize the impact of any downtime. And the fact is, downtime costs all of us opportunity.  

Many companies are not prepared to ensure business continuity during emergency situations. In the limousine industry, this would not be limited to backup phone support in the event of an internal phone service failure; it keeps business going in case of a reservation system failure.  

Without backup support, your organization can expect to pay overtime for customer service issues. You should also expect a loss of revenue as a direct result of any downtime. This includes missed calls and loosing customers for the limo business. Current clientele is also likely to be inconvenienced and irritated by the confusion that these technological problems cause. 

How to Grow Your Limo Business & Revenues

Operators in the industry are always asking, ‘how can we get more customers for our limo business?’ LimoLive24 provides ongoing support as well as indirect limo business marketing. Business continuity and disaster recovery are integral parts of our member benefits. 

  • Reduced downtime and emergency support.  
  • 24/7/365 phone, e-mail, and chat support during any outage event. 
  • Phone redirects to LimoLive24 for message taking and dispatching.
  • New reservations and mods are stored and e-mailed independently from your livery software. 

Always Available. Always Reliable. 

Starting a limo service business and ensuring continuity during emergency situations takes preparation. LimoLive24 is an advanced telecommunications company. In our years of experience, we have supported many members when their internal phone systems, mobile phones, internet connectivity, and even livery reservation platforms have failed. When called upon, our staff can quickly guide members through the process of salvaging any outages and minimizing downtime. The main objective is uninterrupted communications with your clients. 

LimoLive24 can and will support all members during any downtime, working together to ensure that your customers never notice a problem. Our philosophy on this is simple; if your company loses customers, we may lose you as a customer, therefore we take any outages as seriously as you do. 

LimoLive24 has handled over 3,000,000 inbound calls in the limousine industry. We are reliable and can give your business the stability it needs in any circumstance. 

Ensure your fleet stays in motion and grow your limo business. Plans starting at $55 per month.

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