Livery Software Accessibility

You don’t need any more chaos and anxiety created by daily operations. With our livery software integration, LimoLive24 is able to leverage your existing tools and provide seamless staff augmentation. 

We Integrate with All Major Web-Based Livery Software Providers

LimoLive24 makes it simple to organize reservations and manage clients. Our call center agents use our customized CRM application that connects directly with your existing livery software. New reservations, schedule changes, and cancellations are made to your calendar in real-time.  

Custom Livery Integration Allows… 

Every call that LimoLive24 processes is specific to your activities and operations. Our professionally trained agents act as an extension of your office, maintaining the same in-house continuity with your customers. Yet, on the backend, their schedules are clear and drivers know where they need to go. 

Real-Time Access to Relevant Information 

  • Account information,  
  • Fleet location,  
  • Existing reservations.  

Consistent Collaboration with Your Operations 

  • Affiliate relationships and benefits  
  • Business procedures, 
  • Staff preferences. 

What Are the Advantages of Livery Integration?

Easy-to-Use Technology

Even small limo fleet owners and transportation operators can benefit from our high-level investments in staff training, technology, database systems, and text/SMS capabilities for a minimal cost and without a long-term contract. 

Clear Communications 

We keep your fleet running on schedule with e-mail support, wake-up calls, text confirmations and timely mobile notifications.

Security & Confidentiality

All of your business and client information is kept confidential as outlined by contract. In addition, every LimoLive24 team members are bound by a confidentiality agreement and our facilities have surveillance and call monitoring for increased security.  

Affordable 24-Hour Support 

LimoLive24 can operate as extra support for high-volume periods, backup in case of emergencies or technical glitches, after-hours support, or 24/7 call handling. Yet, you only pay for the time required, rather than a full-time staff member.

Not using livery software? That’s ok, we can help you get organized.

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