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Reservation Booking & Upselling

LimoLive24 works with single owner/operators to large transportation fleets, including sedans, party buses, limousines, and more. Our operators are motivated to provide great service while handling calls for multiple clients simultaneously. This means that you share the cost of full-time employees while ensuring that you never miss a call – 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. 

  • Call screening and message forwarding, 
  • Ride scheduling and reservation changes, 
  • Batched updates to fit your schedule, and 
  • Scheduling synced directly to your livery software. 

Seamless, Real-Time Reservation Scheduling 

All new reservations and scheduling changes are made in real-time using the same tools that your fleet already relies on. LimoLive24 uses a custom-built CRM application that syncs directly with all major livery software platforms, including Limo Anywhere, Livery Coach, Trip Tracker, Hudson Software, Ground Widgets, and RB. 

Give Your VIP Clients a Direct Line 

We know how important loyal customers are to the success of your business. To provide the best service possible to special clients, LimoLive24 can help you set up a dedicated line. Ask us about VIP lines. 

Outsourcing Is a Lean Business Solution 

Now is the time when operators in this industry need to think lean. Covering all roles and responsibilities internally is incredibly expensive. And, as a business owner, you have experience with high staffing costs.  

But managing dispatch for operators with regular ride volume isn’t a full-time job, and it doesn’t have to cost you like one. As a member of LimoLive24, you get cost-effective call handling and driver dispatch beginning at just $1.79 per hour. 

You also don’t have to give up a personal life in order to avoid hiring someone to answer the phones. Don’t live chained to your phone. Rely on a dedicated call center to ensure round-the-clock availability, professionalism, and lower expenses. Let LimoLive24 handle the headaches and non-stop calls so that you can focus on what matters most.  

Save on Staffing Costs 

One of the biggest advantages with relying on a call center is the significant cut in staffing costs, paired with increased revenue from ensuring that you never miss a call. Outsourcing means saving on: 

  • Employee salaries for call handling and dispatching.  
  • Taxes, insurance, health care, and fees for staffing. 
  • Investments in hiring and replacing personnel.  
  • Time required for interviewing, screening, and training.  
  • Costs associated with unreliable and inefficient staff. 
  • Lost income because of delays, emergencies, and missed calls. 

Professional customer service and call handling for as low as $155 per month.

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