About Us

What We Do 

LimoLive24 was founded with our fundamental goal being to help owner/operators within the luxury transportation industry to better manage their in-house labor costs, while providing the best customer service to their clients. We understand the daily challenges and dynamics within the industry and strive to absorb some of the demands placed on your shoulders, permitting you to work on your business and not in it. 

Our History

Back in 2006, the LimoLive24 concept was born from the economic recession that had an adverse effect on the industry. The industry experienced major slowdowns in business and discretionary spending which forced many luxury transportation companies to either evolve or go out of business. LimoLive24’s idea was to build the best professional call center staff and offer our services at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own internal staff. 

Back then, LimoLive24 dedicated the necessary capital to construct a professional labor force of qualified personnel and purchased state-of-the art equipment. Then, comprehensive training programs were designed for agents, supervisors, and management to help us develop and deliver a world-class quality service in supporting clients, affiliates, and in-house staff. 

Almost 10 years ago, new ownership and management took control of LimoLive24. This launched us into the current decade of cloud and continuity computing, permitting LimoLive24 unprecedented uptime and service offerings.

As of today, almost 15 years after we took the first call for a member, LimoLive24 has processed over 3,000,000 calls. We also support all the major livery providers. LimoLive24 has been, and always will be, the premier back-office partner you can trust for your future. 

Our Success

LimoLive24 quickly became, and remains, the most cost-effective, friendly, and top-rated processing center partnering with luxury transportation companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Our success has been thanks to our professionalism, on-going support, and dedication to helping LimoLive24 members increase their business. We now operate as the backbone for many small, medium, and large owner/operators. 

Our Vision for the Future

Today’s economic environment is similar to many of the past in which business practices must evolve. The outlook for any industry isn’t always bright, but these tough moments help us to innovate and pull together as a team.  

As we look toward the future, the team at LimoLive24 envisions a network of savvy businesspeople working together to streamline operations and facilitate success for all. 

Outsourcing Is a Lean Business Solution

Now is the time when operators in this industry need to think lean. Covering all roles and responsibilities internally is incredibly expensive. And, as a business owner, you know that staffing costs are high. The fact is, you cannot do it alone. So, let LimoLive24 help you! 

Managing dispatch with regular ride volume isn’t a full-time job, and it doesn’t have to stress you like one. As a member of LimoLive24, you get cost-effective call handling and driver dispatch beginning at just $155 per month. The hours during which you implement our services are flexible and on-demand to fit your business needs. 

Don’t live chained to your phone. Rely on a dedicated call center to ensure round-the-clock availability, professionalism, and lower expenses. Let LimoLive24 handle the headaches and non-stop calls so that you can focus on what matters most… 

“Work on your business, not in your business.”

What is LimoLive24’s service area?  

We provide call answering and fleet logistics services to luxury transportation operators located all around the U.S. and Canada on a 24/7/365, as needed/when needed, and/or on a set schedule.  

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