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There are 2 components of which any business of any industry requires to understand in order to MAXIMIZE and INCREASE PROFITABILITY…

Cost Reduction
LimoLive24 aids in your operational cost cutting by lowering your staffing wages drastically. On average our VIP members' cost is only $2-$5 per hour for 24/7/365 customer support.
Revenue Generation
LimoLive24's team of expert staff members, our affiliate network and our superior technical infrastructure has the ability to help increase your revenue with the following products and services;
Lower Overnight Labor costs by 75%
Fleet Upselling on every call
Reduce shift labor expenses by 30-40%
Increase Call Answering Capacity
Maintain your high level of service
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Eliminate employment issues
PPC (Per per Click) Campaigns

LimoLive24 will help you implement and achieve both components above to maximize your profitability.
The NEW and PROACTIVE alternative of running your business...
Insourcing has been used for years within the industry by using affiliates nationwide, therefore, envision LimoLive24 as your customer service affiliate.

Venturing / Insourcing with LimoLive24 is a NEW and EXCITING alternative for your business operations which will reduce staffing costs, increase revenue, while simultaneously increasing your profitability...
Insight: Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing

LimoLive24 creates numerous advantages for your business but the most important item we help with is in allowing you to WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS rather than in your business. Industry wealth experts such as Forbes and Entreprenuer have written extensively about this concept.....

Lower staffing expenses
Added revenue generation
Increase profitability
Reduce stress in managing employees
Grow your business by leading not working
Utilize LimoLive24 on "short notice"
Work ON your business not within it



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