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Do you need to increase your sales? Is your limousine company suffering from losses due to a down economy? Do you need to replace lost business or grow your market share? Are you looking to start selling into a new market segment, such as corporate clients or weddings?

Don’t have time to sit and call prospects? Is telemarketing and sales not your strong point? Then try the lead generation and sales system designed just for limousine companies. provides sales lead generation services by performing sales generation services on an outsource basis. We can increase your sales by significantly increasing the quality and quantity of your sales leads. Our staff holds marketing and business degrees have specific experience in developing marketing plans, telemarketing scripts and campaigns, and delivering results. From basic lead generation to full time sales by telephone, we can develop a package which can bring in new clients. LimoLive24 sales can handle it all for you at a fraction of the cost. It’s like having a $300k a year sales manager working for FREE.

  • Develop an outbound telemarketing script.
  • Set up programs using our professional telemarketing staff to call and set appointments.
  • Set up a “complete sales by phone” program including closing accounts for you.
  • Obtain key marking data lists by market segment, such as hotels or bridal shops.
  • Set you up with a cost effective solution by paying for part time schedules.
  • All sales professionals are based in the USA. We do not outsource overseas.
  • Short term contracts allow you to change, cancel, and upgrade.

Put our years of selling and marketing experience to work for you. The lead generation function utilizes multiple methods for reaching prospective customers, such as:

  • Telephone Call Centers, people talking to people is the most effective lead generation method.
  • “Internet Click Through” campaigns to generate sales leads, with personal follow up.
  • Though Leader campaigns establishing you as your industry’s expert.
  • Email campaigns that augment other lead generation activities.
  • Sales Leads nurturing campaigns that turn cold leads into warm leads.
  • Teleconferencing to increase the number of presentations made by your sales team

If you still rely on your sales personnel to make cold calls, you can increase the productivity of reaching decision makers by 180 fold, every working day of the year, using a LimoLive24 sales lead generation program or department. Wouldn’t you like to have this kind of power driving your sales team every day?

The Intelligent Pursuit – Sales Lead Generation for your limousine business

If your sales are down during this recession, will show you how to break out of the quagmire of depressed sales.

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