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Sales People Don’t Like Cold Calls. One person talking to another on the telephone is powerful. But sales people (and yes, even limo company owners) hate making cold calls. What to do?

Nothing is more powerful in selling than one person talking with another person. People must trust in order to buy. The most effective way to generate leads in many industries is by a sales person speaking with a number of prospects by telephone to build rapport and trust. Yet sales people hate making cold calls. As one marketing expert said about sale people – “They would rather have their ears removed with a cheese grater than make cold calls.”

You’ll hear sale people making all sorts of excuses that illustrate their abhorrence for cold calling: “I’d rather go after the low hanging fruit.” Well, who wouldn’t, but what do you do when it’s all been picked? “I need to get this proposal out.” This and other support activities are vital. But when does lead generation work get done? There is a limited “MONEY WINDOW” of work time for lead generation. When it ends every day, it’s over and it doesn’t come back. The opportunity is lost.


It is not unusual for a sales person to average a cold call once every 10 days when averaged every working day of the year. One might average as high as 3 or 4 calls a day if they are lucky. Compare this to a well trained, in-house lead generator who can make 60 to 120 calls per day, every working day of the year for you.

If you are currently averaging a low number of cold calls per day, you can increase your lead generation activity by 10 to 60 times its current levels. When you increase the number of calls by this magnitude, the result is that you dramatically increase sales. More skilled cold calls mean more sales.

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Sales personnel are specialists, hired to be good at one-on-one personal selling. They are trained and experienced in making sales, not in lead generation. It’s a mismatch of talents to ask a sales person to do both. Cold calling must be taken out of the hands of sales personnel. LimoLive24 separates the lead generation task into a separate group of lead generators.

Once you have a separate lead generation function centered around telephone and Internet activities, you can:

• Hire (or use outsource) people that like to talk to people on the phone. They exist, and when found, perform what looks like miracles compared to the old system.
• Save money. A talented lead generator might cost $25 to $35 per hour compared to a sales person in the technology industry that costs $65 or more per hour.
• Introduce specialized training and skills development to your lead generators. LimoLive24 expends a great amount of time and expertise training lead generators to become excellent at lead generation.
• Achieve much better control over the number of leads you receive each day.
• Achieve much better control over the quality of leads you generate.
Now your sales are on autopilot. LimoLive24 does it all for you.

Best of all, with LimoLive24′s telemarketing / lead generation package for your limousine business, you can start with only part time lead generation and build more and more time as your sales begin to come in. Instead of making a huge commitment of time and money for the typical 6 months necessary to set up an in-house lead generation program, LimoLive24 lets you start out with a basic minimum package and only a 90 day commitment for service. As leads are generated and closed, more money can be dedicated to expanding your program your way. We can also provide all the set up, script writing, suggested marketing packages and prospecting data lists for you.

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