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Another thing you may wish to think about is setting up an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and talking to some of the specialty marketing firms like Yodel and similar that can set up an effective local web strategy. It may be hard to get search engine optimization to product results for your specific market segments with a site all about limo services to the public. With PPC you set the keywords… so think in terms of what a funeral home would be searching the internet for. OK… time for the jokes to come from the audience. What does a bridal shop look for when they search the internet? What products do they buy? You need to put yourself in the seat of your market and figure out what they are frequently doing on the internet and most importantly answering the question… what are they putting into that search box?

Micro Websites

Also, consider expanding your web presence. If you have a couple of really important niche markets, then set up some micro-sites that are ALL about them. Pick a URL that directly hits what they search for or what you are offering and use a lot of content specifically targeted at that market. Consider a blog or other method/CMS (content management system) such as WordPress sites with easy content management that you can do yourself, to get new fresh content up on your site every week that directly relates to your market, what they search for and keywords you know can reach them. Build your site every month with that content. Write articles that emphasize things that are important to them and make your company stand out.

Avoiding The “I Would Hope So” Message

Give your micro website visitors hard hitting business reasons to make the move to you. Tell a clear message as to exactly why it makes sense for them to deal with your company and not a competitor. Why should a bridal shop or funeral home pick your limo company out of a hundred available to do business with? Your micro site should clearly make the case for you and speak specifically to the benefits they will enjoy in dealing with your company. Assume every company talks about late model cars, terrific chauffeurs, etc. If your visitor reads your reasons to do business but finds themselves muttering “Well I would hope so” then your message is WEAK and INEFFECTUAL. Make sure your message makes it clear that anyone in their market would have to be an idiot not to take you up on your call to action and do business with you. That is the message that will win over an audience.

Call To Action

Give the micro-sites a special offer, a strong call to action with a convincing appeal for the visitor to act now. Use a specific phone number or offer code to track your results on each such site.

With all the noise out there now (consider how many limo company web sites there are out there all competing for the same general market – a “we do it all” approach) it is absolutely imperative that you seek out ways to identify your target markets and make your web presence specific to appeal to just those markets. When a visitor arrives, they are lured in by a site that is all about THEM and what you can do for THEM and find a call to action that makes sense and entices them to act.

Live Web Chat Turns Your Website into a Retail Store

Why do websites fail over retail stores? Because when you walk into a store you have sales people there to help answer questions and push things along. Live Web chat turns a static one-way website into an two-way interactive selling session. If you don’t use our LimoWebChat service, consider finding an inexpensive but decent web chat program and at least staffing it when you can yourself. Be ready to interact with website visitors using live chat with typical questions they will ask about their needs relating to your services. When you can’t be live then at least they can leave a message.

Live Web Chat is popping up all over the internet for a reason… it works! The largest companies in the world are now using it and the smaller ones are slow to catch on. On average Live Web Chat closes 25%-35% more visitors than sites without it (the number is far higher for specific markets by the way). The phone is now a secondary means of communication to TEXT/SMS and chat (this flipped in 2009 and the trend continues) and the latter doesn’t invoke all those feelings of anxiety in a prospect that the phone does.

Hope this helps! Happy selling and good luck to you!

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