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We took stories straight from the headlines as examples of how limo drivers are also great community members. Here are four news articles about how livery drivers have come to the rescue. These are some highlights that just go to show how people in our industry are also every-day heroes.

School Bus Driver Shortage? Not for These Lucky Students 

An ingenious dad in Ohio devised a sleek solution to the ongoing shortage of bus drivers, despite disapproval from the local school board. The bus driver shortage is affecting children around the country, but in this particular central Ohio school district, an estimated 15-20% of drivers called in sick for multiple days during this period making it difficult to ensure every kid had reliable transportation. 

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Sean Rogers Jr. didn’t want to see his children miss school when their school bus didn’t show up one day last fall. So, he got behind the wheel of a vehicle from his father’s limousine fleet and took the kids to school. Within a couple days, he was taking multiple trips and driving as many as 42 children from his neighborhood to school 

He said that one of the girls was so grateful for the ride and the chance to get back to school, after missing a week of classes, that she had tears in her eyes. And though parents were thankful for the limo driver’s assistance, the school district opposed the solution because the limousine is not approved for student transportation. 

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Special Deliveries 

When Amazing Adventures organizes their city-wide scavenger hunts known as “Great Limousine Races,” groups of fewer than six people are matched up in teams and they’re assigned to fill out limos. One limo driver in San Diego knew exactly how to save the day when organizing the scavenger hunt participants. 

“When a woman eight-and-a-half months pregnant signed up. I had the foresight to put her in a limo with a doctor. Sure enough, she went into labor in the middle of the hunt and the doctor helped with the delivery as the limo rushed to the hospital.” So, on that day, the limo driver’s quick thinking ahead of time made for a very special delivery! 

Saving Stranded Pups 

When a missing puppy was discovered walking about on the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, limo driver Garrick Quinones knew he had to help. He spotted the copper-colored dog limping frantically along the bridge and noticed that it was unaccompanied and without a collar.  

Garrick acted quickly, pulling the limo over, dodging speeding cars and stopping traffic in one lane. He tried to call the skittish dog towards him, then came up with a better plan – making a leash with slip knot in the cable of his phone charger. 

“I opened it up a little and you know, it was just like underneath and basically putting it, you know, over its head.” After rescuing the dog from the traffic on the bridge, Garrick gave the pup a ride to the nearest police station in his limo. Because the dog had a tracking chip, authorities were able to reunite the lost dog with its owner later the same day. 

When Ridesharing Is Too Expensive 

Limousines and black car services are saving the day in a surprising way lately; because customers are finding more cost-effective luxury transportation. These days, the rising price of gas and the driver shortages are pushing up the cost of rides through sharing apps, like Uber and Lyft. So, more and more customers find themselves saving money and getting a major upgrade by going with a private limo service. This is especially true for families and groups of passengers, as limo services can seat more people and charge by the hour, not individually for the distance driven.  

Plus, customers are happy to gain a greater level of reliability and hygiene. “Many limousine and black car service provides follow sanitizing protocols after each ride. Uber and Lyft drivers, and their passengers, are not required to follow the same procedures,” according to Newsweek

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