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There are a million ways to drum up interest for limo rides with a little creativity. Here is a bit of brainstorming inspiration to help you get started. 

Special Packages to Help Expand Your Limo Business  

Luxury Scavenger Hunts 

One company, called Amazing Adventures, came up with a fun idea of organizing party bus scavenger hunts around various towns in the country. Teams and individuals sign up for $36 per person. In exchange, they get a limo and driver for three hours as they rush to follow clues and find the next one. “Our races give people the thrill of victory or the luxury of defeat,” said Brad Mont, who organizes the races together with Rich Von Riesen. “It is set up to be enjoyed by people who are very competitive, or by people who just want to have fun.” 

Winery & Brewery Tours 

Other limo companies market wine tours, and it’s not just limited to operators in Sonoma. You might be surprised to find out that wine and beer are produced in so many different places around the country. Some of the biggest producers of local wines are found in Michigan, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania, and the local beer scenes are big in places like Denver, Austin, and Phoenix. So, it is possible to include stops at two or three different wineries or breweries and organize packages with gourmet meals seated in the vineyards. This type of tour package is a hit for bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries and birthdays.  

Team Building Activities 

Corporate activities don’t need to be a bore. You can plan a fun team building event for your staff, such as an Escape Room type of challenge, axe throwing, cooking class, or crime investigation. Because you want everyone to enjoy themselves, and there are sure to be refreshments along the way, pairing this type of group activity with full-service transportation is a great idea. 

Theme Rides 

By bringing together different activities with a theme, you can create an unforgettable experience for niche customers. We’ve seen limo companies promote things like a guided limo tour of Elvis’ favorite hangouts in Memphis, a Home Alone 2 themed tour around the famous buildings in NYC complete with a large cheese pizza and a deluxe ice cream sundae. Others have come up with a VIP Desert Safari adventure.  

Sightseeing Tours 

Traveling in style is a big trend lately and in response we’re seeing sightseeing packages offered more frequently by limo operator. In fact, who better to show tourists the best sites than someone who knows the city like the back of their hand? From San Francisco to Niagara, and from New York City to New Orleans, seeing the attractions around town with a chauffeured service could be a big seller. Use your imagination when developing an itinerary full of hidden gems and exclusive hot spots.  

Never-Ending Entertainment 

Going on the same idea, you could create entertainment packages with transportation included. In Las Vegas and Atlantic City, for example, limo businesses frequently offer transportation for a day at the casinos. And in Miami Beach, customer can go for a night club tour or pool party excursion. In Omaha, they offer a 21st Birthday limo pub crawl. Others offer paintball parties, ski excursions, haunted house tours, and tailgating packages. The point is to create an experience for potential customers that combines things they love with the convenience of a chauffeured ride. 

Fun for All Ages 

Another way to attract more customers is to expand the age range that services are geared toward. For example, a relatively new idea is to offer kids’ party limousine rides. The birthday girl or boy gets to feel like royalty for a day, and their friends will really get a kick out of the stretch limo experience! Plus, this is a way to introduce your company to a market that will soon be going to proms, celebrating Sweet 16s, going to homecoming games, and planning pre-wedding and wedding events…

5 Ways to Raise Awareness about Your Great Limo Services 

  1. Get involved in your local community – get to know the people who live and work near you and let them know what you can offer. Attend local events and sponsored functions and offer your services as a way to make things more convenient and fun for attendees. 
  2. Be available for last-minute bookings – let your clients know that you’re always available for impromptu bookings, whether it’s a last-minute night out on the town or a quick ride to the airport. 
  3. Offer package deals – create special packages for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduations, prom, and other occasions that include your services as a limousine company. This is a great way to attract business from people who are looking for a complete package deal. 
  4. Offer discounts – offer special discounts for first-time customers, referrals, and bulk bookings. This is a great way to encourage people to try out your services and then come back for more. 
  5. Always be marketing – come up with unique and creative ways to market your limousine company. This could include everything from handing out promotional materials at local events to partnering with other businesses in your area. 

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