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If you’re looking for a new limo management program, that means that business is increasing and you need a more efficient way to organize your fleet. Well, that’s a good problem to have.

As the market for limousine software grows, the available options can become overwhelming. So, let’s make a list of the features and characteristics that luxury transportation business owners should seek out when selecting new software.

9 Features that Define the Best Software for a Limousine Company

1. Ride Reservation System

This is your online storefront; today’s customers are just as likely to book metro cars and limos online as they are over the phone. That’s why it’s important that the booking platform be user-friendly and easy to access in a browser version, as well as through a mobile app. Pricing should be clear for rides and show the difference between standard black cars and upgrading to a limousine.

2. Booking Payment Options

Making the process as simple as possible for your customers to find and reserve rides is the best way to grow your limo business. This includes enabling customers to book with multiple payment methods—credit card, debit, and cashless options should be integrated directly into the platform and it should provide a billing receipt for each trip.

3. Strategic Client Management

The ideal limousine scheduling software should make it possible for fleet managers to prioritize rides and assign them to your more seasoned drivers. This type of customization is great for your long-standing customers and VIP clients.

4. Fleet Logistics

Keeping your fleet organized and punctual, even during periods of high ride volume, is a big concern. When choosing the best limousine management system, be sure to review the chauffeur dispatch system, limousine scheduling, and driver tracking. Be sure the program works fast and has high accuracy rates for tracking and notifications to both chauffeurs and passengers.

The latest limousine management systems may even provide an app specially made for drivers with GPS tracking so that they can find pick-up and drop-off locations and fleet managers can track vehicles in real-time.

5. Clear Transaction Management

Fleet operations require more than just a reservation app, you need a program that will simplify accounting. Comprehensive livery software should allow you to send invoices, track transactions, download spreadsheets for accounting purposes, and allocate costs. Keeping all of this information in one place will make your life easier.

6. Security

Your business’ and end customers’ security and safety should always be a priority. Any reputable limousine management software will automatically have measures in place to protect data and ensure adequate backup capacity. Ask the software provider about the specific features it has to ensure data security and privacy, such as login authentication, data encryption, and measures to block unauthorized changes to security settings.

7. Admin View & Reports

For seamless livery dispatch, you need a clear overview of the entire fleet’s trip schedules and transactions. Admin dispatcher panels, included in the limo management software should be able to collect and display data about trips and transactions. Reporting charts will assist your company in analyzing business metrics and optimizing revenues by targeting the busiest times and areas. This type of data is vital insight to operating leaner and making data-driven business decisions.

8. Cloud Storage

Cloud-based transportation management system systems offer a lot of advantages to today’s fleet operations. Because cloud solutions are easy to scale up and down, your fleet management software can expand as you grow your limo business. Using software in the cloud means that dispatchers can schedule trips, track the vehicles, and access driver and passenger information from anywhere. This kind of software tends to be cost-effective, easy to install, set up, and use; plus it updates automatically so that you don’t have to worry about downtime or incompatibility when a new version comes out.

9. Integration Capabilities

The best limousine management software makes your business run more smoothly in all aspects. To do this, the platform must sync with the other tools that you and your drivers rely on daily. Limo booking software should be accessible to the call answering service that is helping you to manage incoming calls from customers and scheduling rides. The same platform should be able to be used for dispatching support, HR and payroll. It should also integrate with your accounting and customer management systems.

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