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This Is Your Wake-Up Call!

For the past decade, Limo Live 24 has processed TENS OF THOUSANDS of Wake Up Calls on behalf of Limousine and Chauffeured Transportation companies across the United States and Canada. With that experience and exposure, Limo Live 24 fully understands the importance of competently performing Wake Up Calls. There are (2) core reasons why an organization would employ Limo Live 24 to perform the task of providing Wake Up Calls to their Chauffeurs.

Accountability; Limo Live 24 brings a new level of accountability when it comes to ensuring your chauffeurs are awake and prepared for their first trip of the day. We can and will prevent a chauffeur from oversleeping as a result of failed alarm clocks and even power outages. Many of us realize that there are automation alternatives to setting an alarm or receiving a wake up call. Limo Live 24 brings the human element to each and every wake up call performed. Our experienced transportation administration professionals will personally reach out to Chauffeurs to ensure they are “up and at em.” Limo Live 24 also gives your company visibility on chauffeurs who are always awake prior to the wake up call as well as those chauffeurs who have a tendency to run late. We keep you informed by sending you real time recap notifications upon completion of every wake up call.

Damage Control; If in the event a chauffeur is unable to be contacted, we can attempt to track your chauffeur(s) using a GPS Tool that may be integrated within your livery reservation platform. We will continue to reach the chauffeur in several minute increments. If the chauffeur is unreachable and/or there is no GPS Activity, Limo Live 24 can then attempt to reach out to you or other chauffeurs to get the reservation covered. Limo Live 24 works with a variety of Livery Reservation Platforms on the market. We can update reservation status and ensure a replacement chauffeur receives a trip sheet when necessary. We can tailor a recovery process set forth your specific set of instructions.

Limo Live 24’s Wake Up Call Service is an “On Demand” Service. Your organization would simply follow our easy scheduling process. Owner/Operators no longer need to set that 4 AM alarm and can “sleep in” knowing that accountability and reservation fulfillment is being backed up by the industry’s leading contact management solution in Limo Live 24.



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