Sharing Benefits Everyone!

In case you hadn’t heard, Limo Live 24 is the industry’s pioneer in providing a domestically located reservation and dispatch contact management center.  As Limo Live 24 enters its 10th year in business, their managing members have remained proactive in understanding the disruptions that many operators are presently facing. Limo Live 24 finds it very unfortunate that disruptive technology applications are gaining household attention of customers seeking  private and shared transportation services.  Therefore, as in any problem there needs to be a solution.    

 In a move to expand on the Global Sharing Economy, Limo Live 24 is introducing three new elements to their  philosophy of sharing upon the livery industry.  In continuing support of transportation operators, Limo Live 24 has  developed new insights on the “sharing” concept.  These elements are advantageous to current and prospective  members of Limo Live 24 enhancing their member’s ability to increase profitability, decrease overhead, and remain  competitive by having the capability of 24/7 phone coverage.


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Call Sharing

The call sharing element promotes labor savings for any transportation provider by utilizing their 24­7­365 reservation  and dispatch services while ensuring the proper levels of phone coverage at significantly lower costs.  Arnie  Adamsen (Manager) defines Call Sharing as “The need for an owner/operator to have the peace of mind knowing our  call center is on standby to handle any inquiries on our Member’s behalf.”  Not only does this function provide the  peace of mind to their Member’s, Limo Live 24 only charges when the calls come in as opposed to having a  traditional hourly employee.

 The reservation and dispatch representatives of Limo Live 24 are “Shared” among  existing subscribers of Limo Live 24’s services.  The representatives of Limo Live 24 bring professionalism and  confidentiality  to every single call while providing their Members with notifications to follow up on every call that is  processed.


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Cost Sharing

This concept is simple:  Increase the profitability of  your company by signing up on one of their many month­to­month subscription packages.  While hiring Limo Live 24  to handle your day­to­day inbound phone calls, you and/or your team can focus on other aspects of your business.  In  servicing hundreds of subscriber’s, Limo Live 24 has the capability to retain quality reservation and dispatch  representatives.  In return this gives your company an arsenal of professional and knowledgeable agents dealing with  your customers.

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Revenue Sharing

The final element of Limo Live 24’s expansion on the Global Sharing Economy is the concept of ​ Revenue Sharing.   Limo Live 24 understands the financial constraints that follow the disruptions that have impacted the industry.  In  continued support, they are now offering deeper monthly discounts to Members who utilize their services on a  “mid­level” plan beginning at 300 Minutes Per Month.  Adamsen (Manager) states “The idea is to increase collective  operational efficiencies while lowering costs across the board for Limo Live 24 and it’s member’s.”  The senior  management of Limo Live 24 has decided to share some of their profits in exchange of credits on monthly invoicing. 




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