Limo Business Networking

Affiliates. No I don’t mean other limo companies. Find companies that are selling to the markets you want to gain access to and offer to work with them. Pay finders fees / commissions for new accounts or offer reciprocal leads. Who sells to bridal shops? Florists. Dress makers, etc.
Get specific. Pick some tight market niches that match your fleet and desires for new business and go after them with a vengeance. Learn their businesses. Invest some time to understand what is important to them. Then use that in your advertising.
Join industry trade groups. Again, where are your bridal shops spending their time? How can you reach them?
Target your advertising. Specifically to your market niches. Instead of shotgun approaches, be specific and talk their language. What is important to them. Is it your new cars or the fact that your chauffeurs are specially trained for weddings, help as ushers and specially outfit the cars with extras. Again, what really matters to your targets?
Be consistent. Advertising your limo business is better if you pick a smaller market and get in front of them constantly. With bridal shops and funeral homes, their clientele is constantly coming through the door. So getting them familiar with your business and showing you are there for the long haul can be important.
Call to action. If you are advertising, make sure that you include a strong reason to act now. Offer something that is important to your target. The bridal party might care about a free hour. A bridal shop might care that you guarantee on time performance and a free bouquet of flowers for the bride.
Use the web – like a laser. Focus your efforts on your targets. Consider micro web sites or pages in your own site with content and info, offers and a call to action specific to your market niche. Micro sites with URL’s targeting your markets can be effective too. A general web site means that they get lost looking at all the “we do it all” advertising.
If you pay for PPC, then make sure you target exact keyword phrases that match your markets. Don’t use “Limousine” if you are after “Wedding Limo Orange County.” You have limited resources to go right after your targets and leave the rest. The web is inundated with limo companies trying to get every piece of business they can. Instead of fighting the crowds, be the one that stands out to who you are after.
Consider telemarketing. You can spend a couple hours a day, a few days a week and touch a lot of bridal shops or whatever. Introduce yourself and your services. Direct them to that special targeted micro web site you set up and ask them for permission to email them a special offer and a marketing kit. You would be surprised how effective that is and you will see hits on your website if you installed Google analytics or something similar. Calls are cheap, do not take much time, and can be very effective. Then email out your stuff (PDF) and include a call to action.
With a highly competitive industry fighting for every opportunity to get another “butt in a seat” it is better to pick your battles and dominate. That’s one man’s humble opinion.


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