LIMOLIVE24: Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing  

LimoLive24, the Top Rated 24/7/365 Contact Management Center servicing the Limousine and Transportation Industry, currently ventures with 100’s of companies similar to yours, small to large, for the sole purpose of Enhancing your Profitability and Customer Service Quality.

But before we get started, the LimoLive24 Team would like to provide some general background and history of Outsourcing vs. Insourcing ?

Over the past 15 years, due to an exponential and evolutionary growth in technological advancements, most notably VOIP / CLOUD communications, many companies requiring some form of a call center or call processing environment have explored the possibility of outsourcing their labor infrastructure.

In most cases, the single most guiding factor influencing a company to outsource is a drastic reduction in labor costs in which hourly wages may range from $2-$4 per hour in countries like India and the Philippines as well as Eastern Europe and other outsourcing hot spots.

And in most cases, the highest probable point of failure of these outsourcing ventures has been the inability to seamlessly bridge the severe cultural gap between North American consumers and Customer Service Representative’s (CSR) residing in the foreign outsourced country. As a simple example, think about the difficulty involved for a CSR residing in a foreign country to properly handle a sales call, reservation call or short notice call without truly understanding North American Culture, such as, our severe high expectation of quick and culturally efficient responses as well as proper visual, verbal, and mental acuity within the conversation.

About 5-7 years ago, many outsourcing failures due to such cultural differences and disparities manifested a backlash from North American Consumers which created a financial environment in which revenue losses surpassed all labor savings from outsourcing, thereby; concluding the entire outsourcing venture to be less profitable in the long run. This specific downward trending financial condition created an exodus from outsourcing by reestablishing call center and IT jobs back to North America and within domestic companies. Hence, the more modern and politically correct term is now called “Insourcing”.

LimoLive24 provides an Insourcing Solution for any sized limousine and transportation company at the same cost reduction of outsourcing while maintaining an efficient and domestic cultural integration with your callers.

Our philosophy has always been about domestic callers conversing with our domestic labor force and this has been reinforced for over 8 years while operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada, which can arguably be deemed “The city with the highest quality of concierge service available in the world”

So whether your company insources to LimoLive24 on a full time basis or on a part time and overnight basis, our average hourly rate conversations start about $2.75 per hour which provides the same cost reduction as outsourcing. This simple fact can not be overlooked.

Testimonial: Baton Rouge 
“Thank you LimoLive24 for providing us an a very  affordable solution and giving us our lives back”

LimoLive24 would like to provide the TOP 10+ reasons, organized in 3 categories, as to why we are the only and most effective Insourcing Solution available within the Limousine and Transportation Industry.

The first two categories shown below are Revenue Growth and Cost Reduction; both of which are paramount in increasing your profitability.

For example, some may think revenue, revenue, revenue is of utmost importance, but if your business captures a new reservation for $200 and the total cost of the reservation costs $225, then this presents a loss in profitability of $25. Others may think, just reduce cost, and this methodology may work but at some point, excessive cost cutting may have an adverse affect on revenue and quality of service similar to the outsourcing failures. In conclusion, revenue growth and cost reduction must work hand in hand for profitability to increase, therefore;

LimoLive 24 will help your company increase revenue by; 

    1. Capturing and processing more simultaneous calls for your company. This single specific item in most cases, actually pays for LimoLive24 costs month after month
    2. Increasing total and overall captured and retained call volume from your current method of processing calls.
    3. Processing Inbound emails in a timely fashion
    4. Processing inbound calls for mass marketing campaigns, such as, Groupon.
    5. Upselling of your Fleet when ever possible to capture additional revenue incrementally for your company.

Testimonial: Town Car Now of Orlando 
LimoLive24 has become an integral part of my business. They confidently handle my incoming calls anytime day or night when I'm unable to answer. My clients love that my phone is always answered by a live person that can quote, make changes, and take reservations.  

LimoLive24 will help your company by reducing costs of;

    1. 1st and 2nd shift labor by almost 70%.
    2. Overnight labor by practically 90% depending on size and call volume
    3. Contacting any affiliates as directed based upon specific conditions.

LimoLive24 will help your company increase quality of service by;

    1. Eliminating the time required manage call processing staff in the event of call offs or latenesses.
    2. Allowing you and your executive team to work ON your business and NOT in your business
    3. Lowering stress levels for you and staff which creates a more efficient environment when working on other required tasks
    4. Providing wake up calls with human interaction viewed as an insurance policy to make sure your clients are not delayed.
    5. Answering more simultaneous calls and emails than your staff eliminating clients from attempting to contact your competitors

Testimonial: First Choice Town Car 
"LimoLive24 provides us round the clock service which allows me to focus growing my business in other areas.  They do an excellent job of creating new reservations, converting quotes, and handling various customer inquiries.  The dispatchers and reservation team are very professional and friendly.  Thank you Limo Live 24 for your superb service!"​

In closing, the entire LimoLive24 Team genuinely hopes we are able to better educate you and your staff pertaining to outsourcing and insourcing as well as providing some background as to the benefits of Insourcing your email and call processing functions to Limolive24.

We hope your organization is equally excited as we are to the future of this industry and LimoLive24 thanks you for your time and looks forward to the opportunity in being your Insourcing Partner.

For more information about LimoLive24 and our 10 Day Free Trial, please contact us at; or 855-5-LIMO24

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