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Having A Backup Plan is NOT Optional!


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Not IF But WHEN, Disaster Strikes.
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When Technology Fails - Limo Live 24 CAN HELP When Disaster Strikes!

Technology works great 99% of the time. Our dependency on technology has spoiled most of us. When technology fails us, panic and frustration can set in. However the reality is disaster and hardware failure will come without warning. Therefore, preparation and having a disaster recovery plan in place can minimize the impact of any downtime.

Many companies are not prepared to ensure business continuity during emergency situations. In our industry, this would not be limited to having back-up phone support in the event of an internal phone service failure, back-up manifests in the event of a reservation system failure, and e-mail monitoring. The fact of the matter is that the average business has approximately 14 hours of technology downtime annually.

As a result, your organization can expect to pay overtime due to customer service issues. Your organization should also expect a loss of revenue as a direct result of any downtime. This would include customer attrition and new customer inquiry losses.

The loss of key elements that support your business in transferring of information can devastate your business, and become an irritant to customers who are trying to Create, Change, Cancel Reservations or Locate a Driver for instance. Therefore, in an effort to provide continued awareness to the industry, Limo Live 24 has constructed a business continuity and disaster recovery service.

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Always Available. Always Reliable.

Limo Live 24 is in fact a telecommunications company. In our years of experience, we have have supported many Members in times where there have been failures from their internal phone systems, mobile phones, internet connectivity, and even livery reservation platforms. When called upon we can walk our Member's through the process of salvaging any outages/downtime in a timely fashion.

Limo Live 24 can and will support all of our Members during any downtime through a joint effort into ensuring there is no recognized failure by your customers. Our philosophy on this is simple; if your company loses customers, we may lose you as a customer therefore we take any outages as serious as you do.


LimoLive24 has handled over 2 million transportation phone calls. We are reliable and can give your business the stability it needs in any circumstance.

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