The founder(s) of LimoLive24 sensed a "bubble" bursting in the limousine industry and worried about the effects of a major recession which would drastically reduce discretionary expenditures of corporations and individuals which would have a systemic negative impact within the industry because those reduced expenditures of corporations and individuals were also the main revenue stream within the limousine/transportation industry.

With a vision and understanding that all the owner/operators would feel a financial crunch, LimoLive24 was created to be the “silver bullet” of financial problems because LimoLive24 would greatly reduce operational costs for all owner/operators which could potentially outpace revenue reductions consequently and positively increasing your profitability while sustaining a high quality service for client retention.

As a first step, LimoLive24 dedicated the necessary capital to construct a quality labor force of highly trained personnel and purchased state-of-the art equipment. Then a comprehensive training program for agents, supervision, and management was developed in order to deliver a world class quality of service in supporting your clients, affiliates, and office.

LimoLive24 soon became the most cost-effective, customer-friendly, and TOP RATED processing center partnering with limousine/transportation companies through out the US and Canada.

LimoLive24 has now positioned itself strategically for the future by remaining nuetral to all Livery software solutions, as we support the majority of all systems, and provide complete confidentiality to our VIP members and affiliates. LimoLive24 now operates as the backbone of many limousine/transportation operations.

We have and will continue to invest heavily in technology which will aid our venture in growing together. Ask us about our new Revenue Generating Service, Email Monitoring Solutions and Hosted PBX features which provides for a seamless integration of our services and your office 24/7/365 days per year.

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